Looking for a stylish, comfortable and smart fitness shoe in a trendy black and white color scheme? The TRAQ Qarma in Water Color features all the snazzy things you’re looking for and more! From the comfort and support of Alegria shoes to padded collars and slip-resistant outsoles to help protect you from slips and falls, the Qarma lace up sneaker helps you take your fitness goals one step further. Inside the outsole of the Qarma is the TRAQ Q-chip, which seamlessly and in real time sends your step count to your TRAQ smartphone app so you’ll always know how far you’ve come. No need to keep track of counters or chargers, the Qarma is ready to go when you are. Just lace up and head out and the shoe does the counting for you. Add the TRAQ Qarma to your fitness lineup today!

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 12 cm
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