Clearance Qarma White Dev

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Who doesn’t need a pair of white walking shoes to support their wellness goals for the year? The TRAQ Qarma lace-up sneaker delivers so much more than a classic dewy white look that coordinates with all of your activewear. With silver accents and a breathable man-made mesh upper, this walking shoe gives a little shine and sparkle to your step while counting each step, too! Not only does the dual-density polyurethane outsole support you with great bounce and rebound, excellent arch support and better shock absorption, it also hides a built-in pedometer that tracks every step for you! Just connect to the free TRAQ smartphone app to get a customized report of your step count, distance traveled and more! Forgot your phone? No worries! The Q-Chip technology still keeps track and sends the info when you connect! Add the Qarma TRAQ shoe to your toolbox for wellness success that looks and feels superb with every step!

On-point features you’ll love in every TRAQ Qarma lace-up sneaker for women include:

  • Q-Chip technology with built-in pedometer
  • Signature Alegria removable footbed
  • Slip-resistant, dual-density polyurethane outsole supporting:
    • Increased arch support
    • Balanced weight distribution
    • Enhanced shock absorption
  • Better rebound and bounce with each step
  • Breathable mesh upper with a man-made lining
  • 1-inch heel height

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 12 in

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